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Price $10.00
Description The Adrenaline Junkies at DropZone Corp have brought their HangTimer Sports technology to the iPhone!

If you Ski or Snowboard the HangTimer is a must have app. HangTimer uses the iPhone's accelerometer and some hairy math to determine the split second you become airborne. The HangTimer works for skiing, snowboarding even mountain biking.

HangTimer detects the closest ski resort anywhere in the world and automatically downloads snow reports, lift status and trailmaps (trailmap stored locally in case you lose coverage). Using HangTimer, you can even access webcams for select resorts.


While HangTimer works great on either version of the iPhone and iPod Touch, we have thrown in something special for the iPhone 3G. Using the GPS the HangTimer will display your speed as you cruise and records both the hang time and how fast you were going when you took flight.

HangTimer also uses the 3G’s built in GPS to find the exact position for every jump and plots it using Google Maps. Now you can prove to your buddies that three second air was at the top of a huge kicker and not at home in your bedroom.

HangTimer's features:
-Records your hang time
-Keeps a list of your 10 best jumps
-Auto locates ski resort
-Cached Trail Map
-Snow Report
-Mountain Info, webcams where available

Bonus features for iPhone 3G:
-Detailed speed and location of every jump
-Plots your hits on Google Maps
-Top Speed at takeoff for every jump

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