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Description See the world on your iPhone or iPod Touch - World Guide lets you browse valuable information for countries around the world, either by region or in a full list. Simply select a country to learn more about it, starting with basic facts like its capital, currency, languages spoken, population, local power convention, and time zone. In addition, you can read up on a general summary of the country, its climate, transportation conditions, local food and tipping customs, and even key phrases in the local language. Finally, you can look through details about destinations and places to go, tips about life in and travel to the area, and even a multi-touch zoomable flag and map for each location.

World Guide also contains a powerful full-text search function to let you hunt through all of the country information - search for a capital city, an ecotourist destination, or even just a quiet beach.

If you're planning a trip, World Guide lets you make your own favorites list - while browsing a country, simply touch the plus symbol to save it to your favorites list, and create your own 'bucket list' of dream adventures or places to visit.

Can't decide where to start? Take advantage of a unique World Guide feature by pulling up a country list and giving it a shake - this will pull up a random country, letting you visit somewhere new and different every time, while leaving the destination up to chance.

World Guide also stores all of its content offline, allowing you to keep the entire world at your fingertips as you travel, without requiring a connection to the Internet.

World Guide is the easiest and most convenient way to see the entire world, one country at a time.