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Description iHound, powered by SafetyWeb, helps you protect your family and the mobile devices they use. With its proprietary geo-fencing technology, communicate and know where loved ones are with the touch of a button. With the technology, you can receive alerts when a child or spouse leaves a designated area such as school or work. Help locate and keep safe their mobile devices with remote locking and remote data wiping technology. iHound uses the GPS and WiFi, 3G, and/or Edge signals built into your devices to determine its location. Using the app and iHound Software's unique tracking website, you can: - Track the location of your device: The iHound App reports your location to iHound's servers every time the device makes a significant location change. - Runs in the background, optimized to track your device without draining much battery, even if you terminate the app from the fast app switching bar! (Note: Continued use of GPS can decrease battery life.) - As iHound runs in the background, so does iHound's Private Location Based Platform. Receive an email or Push notification when your child arrives at school, or when your spouse arrives at the grocery store, without them taking out their phone... These alerts occur in the background. Know where your family is all the time! - YOU choose how privately or publicly your location is shared. iHound's Public Location Based Platform allows you to update your location to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Automatic check-ins makes sharing your location easy! (opt-in). - Manage your account using iHound's Mobile Web Site: Using our intuitive mobile web site optimized for iPhone Users, you can track multiple devices on multiple platforms and set up Geo-Fences with ease while you are on the go. - Receive Yelp alerts when you arrive at any location, notifying you about the best restaurants, bars, and more, anywhere Yelp is used. * If someone turns off your phone, iHound launches and reports your location when the phone is turned on. - If you have any questions or issues with iHound, please communicate with iHound directly. If you leave a bad review, which is your prerogative to do, then we are unable to help solve the problem. Please reach out to our dedicated customer service team with any questions at any time. All emails are responded to within 24-48 hours and 99% of the time, questions are cleared up in a matter of moments! You can contact iHound at: iHound Push Notifications - Communicate with your lost or stolen device, alerting everyone that your device has been lost or stolen. - Choose from 6 sounds with loud alarms and authoritative voices. * In App Subscription: You can extend your iHound subscription for web tracking services directly within the app. (You get 3 MONTHS FREE WEB TRACKING SERVICE when you buy the app, then you can purchase extensions from within the app.) * For devices that do not support multi-tasking, iHound provides reliable, consistent location tracking when iHound is running and when the device is locked or idle. iHound's products have been featured in media such as Macworld,, and the NY Times. Visit to learn more, and check out some of our complementary security solutions, including anti-theft stickers and extended warranty coverage for your iPhone. iHound was recently reviewed by 148 Apps. The reviewer wrote about iHound, "...I'd argue that it's the best iPhone tracking service out there." We think she's right. iHound is a subscription service, but is a small fraction of the cost of legitimate competitor services. Download the iHound App and sign up for a free iHound Software Account at (or use your existing iHound account) to begin protecting your devices imme