Current Version Version: 2.1.1
Author Jumsoft
Description Money for iPhone Money for iPhone is an easy-to-use, yet effective, tool for finance management on the iPhone 4.0 or later platform. Track your transactions to and from your wallet, bank accounts, or credit cards. Manage your scheduled transactions. Categorize your income and expenses. Most important, do not feel restrained by your desktop computer–you can perform even the most advanced tasks on your iPhone. Broad Range of Use Money for iPhone is designed to meet the accounting needs of home users, small businesses, clubs, associations, or the self-employed. It is functional yet user-friendly and does not require special accounting knowledge. Different Types of Accounts Instead of double-entry bookkeeping, you can create separate accounts for your cash, bank accounts, credit cards, and assets in order to keep track of transactions to, from, and among them. Maintaining a Budget Set a budget for a variety of income and spending categories. Keep track of it with the Budget Monitor bar. Scheduled Transactions Indicate scheduled or regular transactions; the Scheduler section will remind you of amounts due to be paid. Multiple Currencies You can choose the default currency to be used throughout the entire application and a number of operational currencies that can be used in different accounts. Exchange rates can be downloaded automatically or adjusted manually. Syncing with Desktop Money You can have your financial data both at work or at home and on the go with the synchronization feature between Money for iPhone and desktop Money. Stylish Design All of the useful features are wrapped in Money’s trademark classy design and easy-to-use interface.