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Price $2.00
Description TravelSpeakr is a must have app for those who like to travel a lot, and feel the need to update their friends and family as they reach various stages of the trip. No longer do you have spend precious moments during your getaway thinking about exactly what you want to say to friends and family members. TravelSpeakr uses 3 unique tabs to make sending a message easier. Each tab is dedicated to a specific milestone on a typical trip. For example, an overnight stop at a hotel. On each tab, there are textfields that ask for information specific only to that milestone. In case the case of an overnight stop, one of the textfields is place of stay. What happens if you took some great pictures on the road, and you wanted to share them? No problem! You have the option to choose 3 photos from your photo library on your iPad that you want attached to your message. Still not personal enough for you? Each tab has a sound recorder built in, so recording a personal audio message is easy. Ready to send? Just hit the email button on the respective tab your on, and TravelSpeakr pulls everything together automatically. It really is that easy to compose an informative, personal, and friendly trip update to send to friends or family.