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Description The BIGGEST update in Walkee history is LIVE! - See our NEW California Adventure map in retina display with unprecedented detail including Cars Land and Buena Vista St! Walkee makes Disneyland easier to see and more fun to plan. Features include high-def, panoramic maps for Disneyland, California Adventure and Downtown Disney, add pictures to your GPS, dining reviews & menus, wait times, share you trip with friends, add pictures, make in-app notes... plus Mouse Connect - a must have for in-park planning. The MAGIC Starts Here! GPS PANORAMIC MAPS ✭ New California Adventure map created in retina display ✭ Save time and excess walking looking ✭ See Cars Land & Buena Vista St entertainment schedules ✭ With Character Meet Locations & Times ✭ Fully customizable maps with 3 to 1 zoom ✭ Wait times displayed on the maps ✭ Add a picture of Mickey, Minnie's or YOU to your GPS marker (tap the YELLOW TAB on the right side of the maps to preview) ✭ Customize your Itinerary and place it on the map ✭ Tap a map icon for in-depth Details for all rides, restaurants and shops ✭ Add pictures and write notes on over 300 Detail pages LINE WAIT TIMES (Contributed from all Walkee apps, over 250,000 users) ✭ Customizable ride list, put your favorites on top ✭ Wait times all on one scrollable list, no excessive tapping ✭ Wait times and Fastpass return times displayed on the maps ✭ See the most recent times posted with time stamp ✭ Built in line timer makes it fun to time your waits ✭ Set Text Reminders to return to a rides location by a specific time ✭ Post wait times in minutes or if a ride is Down. CLOSED displays if Closed DISNEYLAND RESORT DINING ✭ Restaurant dining for $10 or less ✭ Restaurant menus for Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney, Disneyland Hotel, California Adventure ✭ Read in-depth description pages ✭ Add pictures, record dining reservations on dedicated restaurant pages ✭ Add any restaurant to your Itinerary then check it off when you’re done ✭ Search restaurants by name ✭ Customize the maps with only restaurants ✭ Disney Dining phone number ✭ Downtown Disney restaurants & shops on map- tap an icon to call SOCIAL ✭ Post the fun to your Wall from over 300 Ride, Dine or Shop Detail pages ✭ Add pics to fun eCards and email them to family and friends ✭ Tweet or post your eCards to your Wall DISNEYLAND DAILY CALENDAR ✭ See times for parades, shows, fireworks, World of Color, entertainment for Disneyland, California Adventure & Downtown Disney ✭ Select your arrival date and place up to 10 days of schedules on one scrollable screen ✭ Complete schedules for up to 6 weeks in advance CUSTOMIZABLE ITINERARY ✭ Add any ride, restaurant, shop or Character meet to your Itinerary ✭ Place your Itinerary on the map ✭ See your Itinerary on scrollable list ✭ Record where you parked your car CHECK THINGS OFF ✭ Add check marks to completed rides, restaurants and shops ✭ Place your checked items on the maps ✭ See your checked items on scrollable list MOUSE CONNECT - Your Direct Connection to the Magic! ✭ Character Meet Locations and Times ✭ Latest park news, events & promotions ✭ LIVE Webcam ✭ Disney Trivia Fun ✭ Downtown Disney menus ✭ Dining Reviews ✭ Hidden Mickey pics ✭ Wall plug locations for charging ✭ Ride videos ✭ Disneyland historical videos ✭ 2012 Annual Passoholder blackout calendars DISCOUNT ATTRACTION TICKETS ✭ The ability to purchase discounted attraction tickets to over 30 top SoCal attractions All updates are free. No network connection required for maps. A connection is required for Wait Times, Daily Calendar and external mobile sites. NOTE to iPod Touch users - There is no WIFI in Disneyland Follow us on Twitter @tapbanana MediaLAB is a trusted online travel

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