Manufacturer’s Description

Bulk-email Spamless Sender is a powerful email program to send bulk email messages that are personalized for each recipient, and deepen your relationships with customers, market your products and services globally. Bulk-email Spamless Sender allows you send bulk email without SMTP Server, Quickly, Easily!! Features: 1) Direct delivery support (Built-in SMTP Server). 2) Multi-threaded delivery support. Max 100 threads or 20 threads for every SMTP server. 3) Bulk-email Spamless Sender support multi-smtp servers. 4) Both HTML and Text format support 5) Mailing Task Scheduling support. 6) Support multi-attachments. 7) Automatically Hand Up or Shun Down computer when done. 8) Easy to send personalized message for each recipient. 9) Resend emails that had been sent failed. 10)Easier to learn and use.

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