Manufacturer’s Description

ELG is a Windows 2000 systems management tool that provides a consolidated web-based view of event log records for centrally monitoring the health status and proactively managing Windows NT and Windows 2000 enterprise systems.ELG allows systems administrators to filter, view, analyze, and be notified of event log records from all Windows NT/2K systems from a single web browser console. The product eliminates the need to access and monitor each system and its event log individually. As ELG pulls event log records from monitored systems into a central database, system administrators can view present and past records even after a system has gone off line, providing critical insight into any system s failures. Web based reports and SMTP or MAPI alerts are built based on selectable criteria: specific source servers, event log types, record types and IDs, application sources, and a date and time range. ELG system administration is done via the web browser allowing for high mobility and security. The product operates as a multi-tier server application and includes a service running on a Windows NT2000 system, data stored in the SQL or MSDE database, and a web-based interface. The ELG application components may run on the same server or on separate servers and can be installed in less than a minute. No client agents are installed on any of the monitored servers.