Manufacturer’s Description

Today,a lot of virus on internet and mail is the best way to propagate themselves so we write this programme.MailArt is a safety,Multiuser,Multimedia email client programme,auto scan html mail and allow you filter all script language in it(like hotmail),Attachment warning auto identify dangerous attachment(like xxx,jpg,gif,vbs)and warning you immediately,Standard Mail Client program Html,Attachment,Addressbook,Import,Export,ESMTP and more,Observance RFC 821,822,1321,1521,1522,1869,1939,2104,2195,2222,2554.Just have a mailbox need not any special device make your mail lovely,message with you handwriting,Draw a message by yourself,voicemail more interesting function in MailArt.True multiuser system(like in web,you need a password to login in your MailArt) and use the microsoft SAPI 5.0 TTS engine,Just click the messagebar(at the top of your desktop)EZ read EZ listen,auto check your mailbox every 10 minutes,multithreads,good interface easy to use.

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