Manufacturer’s Description

ContentSaver is a Web information manager, which stores and organizes any Web page content for archiving and viewing. Directly in Internet Explorer you can save complete Web pages, selections, single pictures or several linked documents. You don't need to stop browsing, because ContentSaver integrates into Internet Explorer browser via an additional toolbar and extends the shortcut menu for precise information selection. Once the documents are saved, they can be viewed offline, edited and organized within a MS Outlook-like application. Users can structure documents with folders and categories and give them own titles. In contrast to other tools, ContentSaver offers a real database solution in conjunction with a user friendly front end application. Not just an browser band or plug-in (e.g. surfsaver, keepoint). Collecting information from the Web is no end in itself. To help you harness the collected information, ContentSaver offers numerous features: Easy transfer to Microsoft Word, e-mail exchange with friends and colleagues, publish as document package, create Web page presentations and reuse documents in other programs.

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