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All professional sports team rosters are included with the software and/or are available at the web site for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA, and NASCAR. Sports is used to show off the features of the software. Aggressive Internet Research 1.0 is not limited to any subject at all. Do Internet Research ASAP. Collect search engine results in the included Builder and automatically display results in the included Player. This software uses the familiar Explorer-like interface. Quickly browse search engine results without having to click back and forth between links on search engines results and web pages. It has two main components: The Player navigates to web pages one after another without clicking the mouse. You can browse through the top 100 search engine results in minutes. You will no longer click back and forth between a search engine's results and the links on those pages you are interested in one at a time. This feature saves an enormous amount of time. The Builder extracts links from web pages and saves them in a very simple text file. This text file is referred to as a "script" . A script directs the Player what to show on the screen. A script many times is just a collection of web page addresses but can be a list of anything that can be loaded by Internet Explorer. A search engine's web page is a collection of links to web page addresses and links to advertising. Builder can be programmed to ignore advertising links and stores only important links from any web page. You decide what are important links. This software is programmable by you, although, not necessary. Major search engines have already been preprogrammed for you and the list of preprogrammed search engines available for download on the Internet is growing. A tutorial is displayed when you install the program so you can be aggressively searching the Internet ASAP.

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