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Description *** As featured on the Apple website worldwide *** * Ranked no.1 paid sports app for iPad in Dec * Sync plays between Macintosh, iPad and iPhone. Just like an actual coach's clipboard, you can move your players around on the screen and draw lines using your finger. For coaches and basketball players, this is the perfect app for you to discuss and demonstrate plays anywhere. No more messy markers. Save and load unlimited of plays. Animate your plays from the sidelines. Share plays in PDF format or export plays for others to download. iPhone/iPad screen to small? Use our best selling Macintosh app to create plays and then sync them to your mobile device to-go. Features - Animate your plays - Colored lines - Move your players across the screen - Draw lines on the board with your finger - Half court and full court mode - "Clean" all the lines on the board - Change player number or letters (i.e. PG, SG) - Change number of player displayed per side - Save and load feature - Emails plays as PDF - Export/import you plays to share with others - VGA output for iPhone 4 and iPad (iOS 4.0 and above) - Display player name - Substitution manager - Search plays - Add cones Visit our website for tutorials on how to use the For more instructions on how to use the app, visit our website