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Price Free
Description Do you have what it takes to get your Pilot’s License from Captain Clive? Hop into your rocket flyer and find out!

You gotta pass the 3D courses to finish your training (minimum grade C or higher!). Zip through cones, soar through hoops, shoot down targets, and turbo past the checkpoints!

But be careful - some courses are narrow and you’ve gotta watch out for cliffs, rocks, and boulders. Don't crash or you'll eject from your plane and parachute down like a sorry cadet. Hurry, the clock's tickin’!

Free Advice from Captain Clive: “Rookie, you’re gonna need your license to fly for real soon. Get with it!”

Note: This is a 3D game with lots of action. And you have an itty bitty device. So you might have to turn your iPhone/iPod off then on again. Probably not, but telling you just in case.

* 8 fun, exciting, and FREE 3D levels
* Plenty of turbo (don't eat before flying)
* Special tips from celebrity ace Captain Clive (listen up kids, he knows his stuff)
* Signature hard helmet and goggles
* Award medals, Honor Rolls, and Grades
* And lots more!