Current Version Version: 2.21
Author Robert Cober
Price $1.00
Description And now for something a little different...

Remember playing old school rpg games on graph paper?
Now you can watch those sketches come to life!

SketchDungeon is a top-down dungeon exploration action game. You will encounter orcs, goblins, ogres and more as you fight your way deeper and deeper into the dungeon. SketchDungeon uses a high-performance 2d physics engine that enables rich gameplay and keeps an amazing number of active creatures on the screen at the same time.

- Fight through 15 handcrafted levels of old school dungeon mayhem
- Real-time physics engine
- Unique Hand-drawn Sketch Animations
- Control your hero with the Accelerometer
- Tap to shoot where you want
- Strafing - Move one way, shoot another
- Utilize powerups - exploding arrows, banking shots, and more
- Zoom in and out while playing
- Particle explosions
- On-line high score leaderboard
*- Fast OpenGL ES Rendering enables fluid animation and great gameplay

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