Current Version Version: 2.0
Author Ricardo Lira Matte
Price $5.00
Description The New 10bII Business Calculator complete simulation for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
Full Edition like the real one and more. Lets you work quicker with over 100 time-saving business functions.
* Convenient layout.
* Simple one line x 12-character display
* Choose business functions with one touch.
* Many statistic, business and math functions
* Ideal for work in finance, accounting, economics and general businesses :
- Time value of Money, P/YR setting.
- Amortization.
- Cash Flows NPV & IRR.
- Cost-Sell-Margin.
- Interest conversion.
- Cumulative Statistics.
- Math functions.
- 10 general porpoise registers with arithmetics.
- Algebraic Logic.

Features for the iPhone/ iPod Touch :
* Memory Content view.
* Click sound volume control touching "SHIFT" "Sound" and a digit.
* Screen brightness control touching "SHIFT" "Bright" and a digit.
* Continuos memory.
* Free support & updates
* Buy and get for free a Classic 10BII app for Mac OSX & Windows PC.
Download the calculator from, send
an e-mail to attaching your App Store ticket.
The unlocking serial code will be e-mailed back.

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