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Folio Plus Pro Keyboard

by M-Edge Accessories

m edge folio plus pro

Folio for iPad Air 2

by Zagg

Zagg Folio for iPad Air 2
  • Universal keyboard that works with three different operating system
  • Affordable
  • Protection is first and foremost
  • Magnets turn wake or put the iPad into sleep when you open/close the case
  • Keyboard layout is spacious
  • Backlit keyboard is a plus for night typing
  • Issues with placing an iPad into its mounting loops
  • Typing experience isn’t up to par with comparable keyboards
  • The iPad makes the case top heavy when touching the screen
  • Touch-typists will dislike the amount of travel in the keys
  • Slight lag after turning it on while it connects to your iPad
At A Glance

This keyboard case is designed to fit different kinds of tablets, which means it's not an ideal fit for the iPad.

All in all, the Folio is a quality keyboard-case combo for someone looking to keep their investment safe and add a productivity tool to the iPad.