USB 6-in-1 TableMike

by SpeechWare


Savi W745

by Plantronics


Spark Digital

by Blue Microphones


Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631 for Mac

by Logitech

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent speech recognition accuracy
  • Optional foot pedal, telescopic boom enhance usage
  • Impressively thin
  • Multi-Touch surface with a good assortment of supported gestures
  • Pairs with two Macs simultaneously
  • Feels solid and sturdy, despite its size
  • Must calibrate volume carefully
  • Need to face the mike to dictate
  • Thin profile makes it less ergonomic than a full-size mouse
  • Can’t assign custom gestures and actions
At A Glance

Blue Microphones' Spark Digital microphone captures good sound and supports both computer and iOS recording. But its stand makes it more difficult to work with than it should be.

Logitech's Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631 sacrifices some ergonomics for portability, but the result is an impressively travel-friendly mouse that gives you much of the Multi-Touch functionality of a trackpad.