MiniStation Thunderbolt Hard Drive 500GB

by Buffalo Technology


MiniStation Extreme HD-PZU3 (1TB)

by Buffalo Technology

Buffalo Technology MiniStation Extreme

MiniStation Thunderbolt HD-PATU3 (1TB)

by Buffalo Technology

  • Convenient cable that wraps, but can be removed or replaced
  • Military spec shock resistant
  • Both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt connections
  • Lackluster performance compared to similar drives
  • Bulky and heavy
  • Internal 5400 RPM drive slows drive to a crawl
At A Glance

The speeds of the MiniStation Extreme are slightly below the average for similar drives. There are a few unique things about the drive, like a built in USB 3.0 cable which nicely hugs the side of the drive. This cable can be removed exposing a normal USB 3.0 port in case you want a longer cable. This is often the case if you're going to plug it into the back of a machine and don't want the drive to simply dangle from the short cable. It also features AES Full Disk Encryption if you want to deal with their software. The drive is slightly large in your hand, one side covered with a faux leather and the other hard plastic.

If you're paying for a Thunderbolt drive you're probably going to be expecting some decent performance from the drive, however the 5400 RPM drive in the MiniStation Thunderbolt from Buffalo Technology makes it feel like a waste. Speeds were consistently low in all our tests, across both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 making me wonder why include a Thunderbolt connection at all.



Part Number HDPA500TU3    


Drives included     1.0

Ports and Connections

Available Interfaces     Thunderbolt|USB 3.0


Width     3.2  inches
Depth     5.1  inches
Height     0.9  inches


Installation Kit Hardware    


USB 3.0 Performance - Macworld

Write 10GB Folder

MB per second

  97.0 97.0
Read 10GB Folder

MB per second

  98.0 98.0
Write 10GB File

MB per second

  99.0 99.0
Read 10GB File

MB per second

  100.0 100.0
Write Video Files

MB per second

  98.0 99.0
Read Video Files

MB per second

  98.0 99.0