iPad Mounting System (Naked Flex Mount)

by SeaSucker


Folio for iPad Air 2

by Zagg

Zagg Folio for iPad Air 2


by FiftyThree


Intuos Creative Stylus

by Wacom

Price Best Price: $39.00
  • Protection is first and foremost
  • Magnets turn wake or put the iPad into sleep when you open/close the case
  • Keyboard layout is spacious
  • Backlit keyboard is a plus for night typing
  • Pairs instantly with Paper app
  • Excellent palm rejection implementation
  • Great for accuracy and quick writing
  • The iPad makes the case top heavy when touching the screen
  • Touch-typists will dislike the amount of travel in the keys
  • Slight lag after turning it on while it connects to your iPad
  • Eraser nib occasionally triggers blend mode
  • Lack of pressure and size alteration for brushes is a poor omission
  • $50 aluminum model hurts to hold after long periods of time
At A Glance

All in all, the Folio is a quality keyboard-case combo for someone looking to keep their investment safe and add a productivity tool to the iPad.

If Paper is your drawing app of choice, then you may want to consider the Pencil stylus, which unlocks palm rejection and Blend mode in the app. But for general use, you may want an alternative.