iPad Mounting System (Naked Flex Mount)

by SeaSucker


Defender for iPad mini

by Otterbox


Standzfree Telescoping Floor Stand for iPad

by StandzOut


Concerti for iPad mini

by Moshi

Price Best Price: $80.00
Best Price: $63.00
  • Excellent protection; Not bad-looking for a rugged case
  • Elegant design
  • Adds a lot of bulk and weight; Dust gets trapped under screen protector
  • Using the back camera is awkward
  • Opens from left to right
At A Glance

The Defender series case for iPad mini protects your device in relative style.

For watching videos and reading in bed, or just for keeping your iPad off the dinner table or away from your exercise bike or musical instrument, the Standzfree Tubular Stand for iPad is a fine concept that’s nicely executed.

This suede-like folio cover for the iPad mini is elegantly designed, but has a few quirks.