iPhone 5 Wallet

by Dodocase


WorkMate for iPhone 5

by Cygnett


Pop'N for iPhone 5

by PowerSkin


Meridian for iPhone 5

by Lenmar

Price Best Price: $46.00
Best Price: $90.00
  • Looks great, particularly the slate model
  • Offers excellent, dual-layer iPhone 5 protection
  • Sleep/wake button overlay feels a smidgen too spongy
At A Glance

Though the sleeve can occasionally be less snug than I'd prefer, I quite like the all-in-one solution the Wallet provides. It just depends on your carrying style and what you need by your side.

The Pop'N offers a 2000 mAh battery, and it shows off some interesting design choices—starting with the suction cups that keep it attached to your iPhone 5.

The Meridian doesn't provide the best fit for your iPhone 5, but packs a lot of milliamp hours.