Kickstand Case + Holster

by PureGear


Twig Case

by Twig Case Co


Grip Power Battery Case for iPhone 5

by Belkin


Q Card Case

by CM4

Price Best Price: $16.00
Best Price: $65.00
Best Price: $40.00
  • Very cool designs
  • Snug, secure fit
  • One card doesn't add any extra thickness
  • Convenient for holding NFC cards or bus fare
  • Won't offer protection against major impacts
  • Adding three cards doubles your iPhone's thickness
  • Less useful if you need to carry more than 3 cards
At A Glance

PureGear's Kickstand Case and Holster is lightweight and comfortable to use, with a removable holster that clips to your belt or handbag.

If you’re after a sleek iPhone 5 case and can find a Twig Case that matches your style, it’s a great option. It's well-made, looks cool, and feels good in hand.

The Grip Power packs a 2000 mAh battery and protrudes slightly over the iPhone 5's display for added protection.