Model S Professional For Mac

by Das Keyboard


Magic Keyboard

by Apple


KeyFolio Thin X3 for iPad Air 2

by Kensington

kensignton keyfolio thin x3

Ergo Pro

by Matias

  • Tactile, mechanical key feel
  • Solid, durable construction
  • No software drivers required
  • Mac-specific keys and layout
  • Most key caps can be removed for cleaning
  • Built-in, independently powered 2-port USB hub
  • Charges with Lightning instead of using AA batteries.
  • Includes a Lightning cable.
  • Doubles as an external battery for charging devices.
  • Typing is smooth and reliable.
  • Magnetic channel works as an on/off switch.
  • Made with the same care as Matias's other keyboards.
  • Easy to adjust to.
  • Some special functions found on Apple keyboards (Dashboard, Mission Control, Eject) require remapping using System Preferences
  • Fewer features than third-party keyboards at the same price point.
  • Only one viewing angle when typing.
  • The extra adapter required for charging another device is one more thing to worry about losing.
  • No mechanical way to keep keyboard halves in fixed position.
  • Odd cabling/port choices.
At A Glance

It's a nice enough keyboard, with no magic whatsoever.

This protective case provides a pleasant typing experience, and then goes one step further by letting you top off devices with the built-in battery.

Matias makes excellent keyboards, and this one is no exception. But any ergonomic keyboard can be tough to adjust to, so don't be afraid to return it if it doesn't work for you.