UE Smart Radio

by Logitech


NetWorks Stereo Radio with FM

by Tivoli Audio


G2 Personal Radio Player

by Slacker

  • Streams local and Internet content
  • Rechargeable battery makes it more portable
  • Multiple audio sources including Internet and terrestrial FM radio, networked computers, USB drives, and auxiliary input
  • Good sound
  • Can add Internet stations by request
  • Alarm and sleep features
  • Good music variety
  • Nicely designed device
  • Easy to use
  • Access to short album reviews and artist biographies
  • Server and mobile software can be flaky
  • Software isn't compatible with product it replaces
  • No support for streaming AAC files
  • Locating stations takes some work
  • Backlit display hard to read from a distance
  • No USB support for iPods
  • No Mac software
  • Screen is difficult to see in bright sunlight
  • Mac users can't use MP3 playing feature
  • Syncs only via Wi-Fi
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