NeatDesk for Mac

by The Neat Company


ScanSnap SV600

by Fujitsu

Price Best Price: $369.00
  • Combines all scan management into a single app
  • Offers unique features, such as Expense Reports
  • Can take photos with mobile devices and transfer them as PDFs to Mac
  • Can scan virtually anything
  • Very small footprint
  • Fast
  • Scanner slower and more likely to jam than ScanSnap
  • Software can be confusing, especially for basic tasks
  • NeatCloud requires a monthly fee
  • Not great at correcting for page distortion or curvature
  • Not suited to scanning transparencies
At A Glance

It looks like a table lamp, but the ScanSnap SV600 scans material quickly and efficiently, and it takes up minimal space when not in use. It's also a hoot to watch, but page curvature is a problem.