SmarTouch 2.0 gloves

by Isotoner


iQ5 Professional Stereo Microphone

by Zoom

zoom iq5 mic full 580

CitySlicker for the Jawbone Mini Jambox

by WaterField Designs


Yellow Jacket

by Yellow Jacket

  • Produces good-sounding recordings
  • Flexible input-gain options
  • Positionable microphone head
  • HandyRecorder app adds useful options
  • Two safety locks prevent accidental discharge
  • Also charges your battery
  • Easy to dislodge from Lightning-connector port
  • HandyRecorder app's sharing options are limited
  • Not available for iPhone 5, or any Android handsets yet
  • Not legal everywhere, which leaves out a lot of consumers
At A Glance

Zoom's Lightning-connector iQ5 Professional Stereo Microphone may look a little plasticky, but it delivers solid sound in a perfectly portable package.

Stylish and well-made case keeps Jawbone's tiniest speaker safe and sounding great.

Although it adds a lot of bulk to your phone, walking around with this case made us feel safe and prepared. The battery charging feature was frequently appreciated as well.