iCarrier Heavy Duty Dual USB 5V/3A charger

by New Trent


HyperJuice Plug 10,400mAh

by Sanho


Helix 11000mAh Portable Power Pack

by Lenmar


Juice Pack Powerstation Pro

by Mophie

Price Best Price: $200.00
Best Price: $97.00
Best Price: $100.00
At A Glance

The iCarrier is one of the least expensive iPad-compatible chargers around, but it also has one of the highest capacities. However, only one of its poorly labeled ports supports an iPad.

The HyperJuice Plug has a wall plug built right in, and its ports are smart enough to recognize which of its two ports is drawing the most power and adjust accordingly.

The Helix sports three USB-charging ports, and we were able to charge two phones and one iPad simultaneously.

The Powerstation Pro is bulky and rugged but surprisingly light. However, it doesn't have a lot of juice for an iPad-compatible battery, and it can charge only one device at a time.