iPod touch 16GB

by Apple


16GB iPod nano (4G, late 2008)

by Apple


iPod nano, third-generation (3G) 8GB

by Apple


iPod nano, second generation (2G) 4GB

by Apple

Price Best Price: $329.00
Best Price: $399.00
  • New voice-recording functionality
  • Spoken Menus and larger menu fonts improve accessibility
  • More features than the iPod classic
  • Genius feature works directly on iPod
  • Improved interface with optional preview panel
  • Better-than-estimated battery life
  • Slightly larger Click Wheel than previous nano
  • Audio-crossfade
  • Most capacious nano yet
  • Very good sound quality, excellent battery life
  • All the features of the iPod classic—including video playback, video output, and games—in a smaller, less-expensive, and flash-memory-based player
  • Bright, clear screen
  • Improved user interface
  • Includes three new games
  • Same video-out restrictions as previous model
  • New shape has its drawbacks, including sharp top edges and (especially) corners
  • Odd landscape-mode controls
  • Spoken Menus doesn’t cover all menus and has the same occasional pronunciation issues as computer text-to-speech
  • Doesn’t charge from some older accessories
  • Incompatible with some existing dock-connector accessories
  • Can’t use previously-purchased games
  • Shiny back surface not as rugged as anodized metal of previous version
  • New visuals-heavy interface slowed by album art
  • Cover Flow performance limited
At A Glance

Thin music and video player



Part Number MA627LLA MB903LLA MB249LLA MA428LLA
Inventory Number 30606     25577


Display type Color Color Color Color

Ports and Connections

USB Yes No Yes Yes
Firewire No No No Yes
Microphone input No No No No
Line Out No No No No
Headphone Jack Yes Yes Yes Yes
USB Host Adapter No Yes No No

Supported Video Formats

H.264 Yes Yes Yes No
DivX4   No   No
DivX5   No   No
mpeg1   Yes   No
mpeg2   Yes   No
MPEG4   No|Yes |Yes No|No
XviD   No   No
wmv   No   No
Motion JPEG   No   No

Supported Image Formats

BMP Yes Yes Yes Yes
GIF Yes Yes Yes Yes
JPG Yes Yes Yes Yes
PNG Yes Yes Yes Yes

Supported Audio Formats

AAC Yes Yes Yes Yes
Apple Lossless Yes Yes Yes Yes
AIFF Yes Yes Yes Yes
WMA No No   No
Audible Yes Yes Yes Yes
WAV Yes Yes Yes Yes
MP3 Yes Yes Yes Yes
WMA Lossless No No   No
ASF No No   No
FLAC   No   No
OGG Vorbis   No   No

Included Software

Rhapsody No No No No
Itunes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Napster No No No No
Included Software   | | |iTunes


Weight   0.08125  pounds 0.11  pounds  



Frequency Response Deviation, Average (dB)

3.3 0.1 2.9 3.0
Maximum Usable Output Level, Average (dBV)

-2.3 -3.1 -5.0 -2.8
Crosstalk, Average (dB)

-64.0 -63.0 -56.0 -53.0
Total Harmonic Distortion and Noise, Average (%)

0.06 0.01 0.04 0.03
Signal-to-Noise Ratio, Average (dB)

76.0 83.0 81.0 81.0