Mac Mini/2.26 GHz (Late 2009)

by Apple


Mac Pro/8-core 2.8GHz Xeon 5400

by Apple


20-inch iMac Core 2 Duo/2.66GHz

by Apple


Mac mini/2GHz (320GB, Early 2009)

by Apple

  • Impressive set of features
  • Tiny size
  • All the dramatic improvements of the Early 2009 model plus better performance
  • Strong storage options
  • Dual enhanced quad-core processors
  • Faster memory and frontside bus
  • Doubled PCI Express specifications
  • Faster video cards
  • Significantly improved graphics performance compared to older models
  • FireWire 800
  • Dual video outputs with support for extended Desktop mode and 30-inch displays
  • Tiny size
  • Five USB ports
  • Difficult to upgrade
  • Slow hard drive
  • Limited storage and RAM on default model
  • Difficult to upgrade
  • $200 premium over $599 model doesn’t get you many improvements
  • Slow hard drive
At A Glance

The Mac mini continues to be a great option for those new to the Mac who already have a display, keyboard, and mouse. Unless you need the very best performance, this $599 model is a better value than the more expensive mini.

This standard configuration replaces the two dual-core 2.66GHz Xeon chips on the preceeding Mac Pro offering with a pair of quad-core 2.8GHz processors. Other changes include a bigger hard drive, more installed RAM (not to mention double the RAM capacity), and a new graphics card. In addition to this standard configuration, Apple offers several build-to-order models, from a single quad-core 2.8GHz machine to dual quad-core Mac Pros with 3GHz and 3.2 GHz processors.

In this third-generation of aluminum iMac models, the lone 20-inch model features a 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo chip, a maximum of 8GB of memory (it ships with 2GB), a 320GB hard drive and integrated Nvidia graphics that share memory with the system RAM.

The first Mac mini upgrade since 2007 replaces the integrated Intel graphics with an Nvidia GeForce 9400M card. Graphics still share memory with the system RAM, but there's more to share and its the faster DDR3 SDRAM. The new system features more USB 2.0 ports, but ditches FireWire 400 for a single FW 800 port. This system ships with a larger hard drive and more RAM--but also a $799 price tag.



Processor type Intel Core 2 Duo Intel Xeon Intel Core 2 Duo Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor speed 2.26  MHz 2800.0  MHz 2660.0  MHz 2000.0  MHz


Included monitor No   Yes  
Display size     20.0  inches  
Display type     Active Matrix LCD (TFT)  
Resolution     1680 x 1050  pixels  


Primary Graphics Chipset Nvidia GeForce 9400M ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro Nvidia GeForce 9400M

General Information

UPC Code 885909337712 885909168606 885909203086 885909222346

Ports and Connections

Available Interfaces Bluetooth|Mini DisplayPort Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth


Memory type DDR3 DDR2 DDR2 DDR3


Motherboard Chipset   Intel 5000X Chipset    

Other Features

Devices   Keyboard|Mouse Built-In Webcam|Keyboard|Mouse|Remote Control Keyboard|Mouse


Chassis style   Tower    


Macworld Labs

SpeedMark 6 Score

Cinema 4D XL 8.5

104     100
Tested Configuration

Mac OS X 10.6.1 with 2GB of RAM Mac OS X 10.5.1 with 2GB of RAM Mac OS X 10.5.6 with 2GB of RAM Mac OS X 10.5.6 with 2GB of RAM
iTunes 7.5

  0:47 0:57  
Photoshop CS3

  0:49 0:51 1:08
iMovie HD 6

  0:30 0:45 0:57
Unreal Tournament 2004

Cinema 4D XL 10.5

  0:16 0:47 1:04
Speedmark 5 Score

  314 256  

  0:46 1:40 2:07
Quake 4

    39.7fps 39.1fps
iTunes 7.7