VirtualBox 2.1.4

by Sun Microsystems


VMware Fusion 4

by VMware


Parallels Desktop 7

by Parallels


VirtualBox 3.1.2

by Sun

  • Good virtual machine performance
  • 64-bit support
  • Multiple snapshot support
  • SATA hard drive emulation
  • Virtual machine manager
  • Supports OS X Lion virtual machines
  • Easy to use Virtual Machine Library
  • Drag-and-drop install
  • Time Machine-like snapshots of system
  • Windows anti-virus protection
  • OpenGL acceleration in Linux
  • Excellent virtual gaming performance in Windows
  • One-click installs for Ubuntu, Fedora, and Chrome
  • Highly customizable
  • Excellent all-around speed
  • Inexpensive
  • Multi-processor support
  • OpenGL acceleration for Linux and OpenSolaris
  • Basic 3D graphics
  • Non-standard interface
  • No Windows easy install
  • Limited OS X integration
  • No DirectX support
  • No multi-CPU virtual machines
  • No OpenGL acceleration in Linux
  • Limited video RAM in Windows
  • Bundled anti-virus subscription is only 90 days
  • In-app Windows purchasing is overly complicated
  • Some limits on OS X virtual machines
  • Support for non-Windows OSes not obvious
  • Sets up user as Windows 7 Administrator by default
  • Time-consuming Windows 3D setup
  • No OpenGL 2.0 in 64-bit Windows
  • No easy installation wizards
  • Poor high definition video playback
  • Buggy
At A Glance

VMware Fusion 4 is a nice upgrade from Fusion 3; it's fast and stable, the interface is very Mac-like, and its drag-and-drop installation is about as easy as it gets.

Fast, stable, and highly customizable way to run Windows on a Mac.