Focal XS

by Focal-JMlab


F5 Active Nearfield Monitor

by Adam Audio


Jongo S3

by Pure Digital



by Sonos

Price Best Price: $199.00
  • Attractive, Mac-matching design
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Built-in DAC for USB audio
  • Sync/Audio setting lets you easily switch between iPod-audio and iPod-sync modes
  • Can listen to multiple audio sources simultaneously
  • Great sound
  • Compact size
  • Good for both music making and music listening
  • Offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and wired connectivity.
  • Battery allows you to take it with you.
  • Can create stereo pairs with two units.
  • Basic remote
  • No visible volume level
  • No headphone jack
  • IPod audio considerably louder than USB audio if both are playing at the same time
  • Power-saving mode slow to power speakers up
  • No support for common music services over Wi-Fi.
  • Wi-Fi setup is a bit clumsy.
  • Unimpressive sound.
At A Glance

Adam Audio's F5 is a great compact, near-field monitor for those who take their music (and music making) seriously.

The Pure Jongo S3 offers portability and flexibility in the form of Wi-Fi, wired, and Bluetooth connectivity, but its multi-room and Wi-Fi capabilities are limited as is its fidelity.