Sonic the Hedgehog for iPod

by Sega of America, through the iTunes Store


World War II Interactive

by Internet Design Zone


Disposable Hipstamatic

by Synthetic Corp


iOS 5

by Apple

  • Liberal save points
  • Picture-perfect recreation of the original Genesis console hit game
  • Great graphics and sound effects
  • Finally makes iOS devices viable without computer
  • Notification system is vastly improved
  • Massive update plugs many feature holes
  • Two control schemes can’t overcome Click Wheel’s ill-suited design for this game
  • Reminders app missing logical features
  • Lack of dictation on older hardware disappointing
  • Twitter integration buggy in places
At A Glance

We've not yet met the iOS update that we wouldn't recommend, and iOS 5 is certainly the most far-reaching and feature-rich upgrade to date. That said, it's not without its bugs and strange behaviors. But it's clearly paving ground for a lot of key functionality in the future, and even a lack of polish shouldn't keep you from upgrading.


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