Harmony iPad/Netbook Satchel

by Skooba Design


Free Stand

by Coalesse

freestand 01g

Mac Pro Go Case

by WaterField Designs

WaterField Mac Pro Go Case

PowerCube Extended USB

by Allocacoc

PowerCube Extended USB
  • Sturdy—built to last
  • Folds to 5 inches flat
  • Lightweight—just 11 pounds
  • Easily fits a Mac Pro along with a clutch of accessories
  • Space-efficient cube design
  • 5-foot extension cable
  • Two USB charging ports
  • Expensive
  • Should be just a bit wider to accommodate a mouse
  • The bottom of the bag could use a bit more padding
  • No surge-suppression or power-conditioning features
  • No warning indicator for ground faults
At A Glance

The Free Stand is undeniably expensive, but this well-built mobile work surface helps you be comfortably productive in any casual environment.

The Mac Pro Go Case is a nice way to transport your mac pro without having to reuse the box it came in.

Great design makes this multi-tap outlet super convenient, but it would be an even better alternative to a power strip if it delivered better protection from power surges.