Caviar Green Desktop WD30EZRX

by Western Digital


Shadow Mini (1TB)

by Oyen Digital

Oyen Digital Shadow Mini

OverDrive Thunderbolt (1TB)

by Monster Digital


My Passport Pro (4TB)

by Western Digital

Western Digital My Passport Pro
Price Best Price: $114.00
  • Small and light
  • Fast with a large capacity
  • Great price per gigabyte
  • Super fast speeds
  • Data recovery is included with warranty
  • Large capacity
  • Tethered Thunderbolt cable with adequate length
  • Bus powered RAID solution
  • Captive Thunderbolt cable may be too short for some situations
  • Fan is infrequent but noisy
  • Big and bulky
At A Glance

The Shadow Mini is a great value for 1TB of solid-state storage, and you don't have to compromise on speed, either. The small size makes it easy to bring with you anywhere.

The OverDrive Thunderbolt from Monster Digital might be expensive, but this 1TB solid-state portable drive's speeds won't disappoint and comes bundled with free data recovery protection.

The My Passport Pro has some good things going for it: a huge capacity, ability to create a RAID from the internal drives, and a tethered Thunderbolt cable. However speeds are lackluster, which makes the Thunderbolt cable seem unneeded.



Part Number WD30EZRX