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Additional Information
Additional Specifications
Brand Name Total Training
Training Location Off-site
Number of Licenses 24
Frequency Band Course Duration: 6.5 HrsCourse Level:Beginner to Intermediate
Course Curriculum Chapter 1: WHAT'S NEW IN ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS CS4:Working with Photoshop 3D LayersUsing Dynamic Link to Remove Noise in SoundboothThe New Timeline Search Feature & Pre-comp Flow ChartIntroducing the Cartoon EffectChapter 2: INTRODUCTION TO AFTER EFFECTS:Basic Video ConceptsImporting FilesProject Panel OverviewCreating a New CompositionPlacing Footage in the CompositionCreating a Film Strip Effect with Multiple MoviesTimeline Panel OverviewTimeline Switches, Time Ruler & Work AreaComposition Panel OverviewChapter 3: ANIMATION BASICS:Exploring the Transform PropertiesIntroduction to KeyframingInterpolating KeyframesPracticing InterpolationCopying & Pasting KeyframesCreating a LoopChapter 4: WORKING WITH MASKS:Introduction to MasksAnimating MasksWorking with Mask InterpolationRotoscopingUsing Masks for Position KeyframesCreating a Simple Animation Using MasksChapter 5: ANIMATING TEXT:An Introd
Training Method Self Training
Distribution Medium DVD
Training Subject Total Training for
Training Type Course
Quick Glance
Media Format DVD

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