The Specs

Physical + Memory Specifications
L1 Cache Size 8 KB
L2 Cache Size 512 KB
Warranty Information 90 Day Limited Warranty
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Additional Specifications
Thermal Specification 167F (75C)
Thermal Design Power 68.40 W
Brand Name Intel
Process Technology 130 nm
Processor Technology Hyper-Pipelined Technology (HPT)
Frequency Band Core Stepping: D1Bus/Core Ratio: 21sSpec Number: sl6pfCPUID String: 0F29hL2 Cache Speed: 2.80GHzEnhanced branch predictionOptimized for 32-bit applications running on advanced 32-bit operating systemsBinary compatible with applications running on previous members of the Intel microprocessor lineRapid Execution Engine: Arithmetic Logic Units (ALUs) run at twice the processor core frequencyEnhanced floating point and multimedia unit for enhanced video, audio, encryption, and 3D performanceLevel 1 Execution Trace Cache stores 12-K micro-ops and removes decoder latency from main execution loopsPower Management capabilities:System Management modeMultiple low-power states
Included Fan Type ATX
Product Line Pentium 4
Processor Speed + Class
Bus Speed 533 MHz
Processor Speed 2.80 GHz
Quick Glance
Number of Processor Cores Single-core (1 Core)
Processor Socket Intel Socket PGA-478
normalized-Processor Speed 2800
Processor Class Intel Pentium 4