The Specs

Additional Specifications
Frequency Band Specilized Features:Single Device Data CorrectionExtended 64-bit registers enables 64-bit flat linear addressingEight new General Purpose Registers (R8-R15)Eight new 128-bit streaming SIMD Extensions64-bit-wide GPRs and instruction pointers (RIP)Enhanced Machine Check State RegistersQuad-pumpingCompatible with existing 32-bit applications with running in Legacy ModeVirtual 64-bit addressing13 new instructions (including new Single Instruction Multiple Data SSE3 instructions)Maximum Virtual Memory:Up to 16 exabytesPlatforms with Intel EM64T can run in three different modes*:Legacy: A 32-bit operation mode that allows the processor to work with 16 or 32-bit data, so enabling it to execute 32-bit applications with a 32-bit address space. No 64-bit features are available. When running a 32-bit OS, EM64T-capable processors will only operate in this mode.Compatibility: This enables 16 and 32-bit applications to run on a 64-bit operating system. In this mode, only 4 GB of address space is available to the application, but the OS continues to run in 64-bit mode. This enables both 64-bit and 32-bit applications to run concurrently. There is no apparent performance penalty because also the processor is switching modes, the application continues to use the same instructions it would have used on a 32-bit architecture.64-bit: This is enabled when a 64-bit OS is executing a recompiled 64-bit application. It enables the full 64-bit features of the processor.*64-bit capable BIOS is required for all three
Shipping Weight 2.16 lb
Product Line Xeon
Parent Retsku B00069G97S
Thermal Specification 158F (70C)
Brand Name HP
Processor Technology Hyper-Threading Technology
Physical + Memory Specifications
L2 Cache Size 1 MB
L1 Cache Size 16 KB
Quick Glance
Processor Socket Intel
normalized-Processor Speed 3600
Processor Class Intel Xeon
Number of Processor Cores Single-core (1 Core)
More Info
Processor Speed + Class
Processor Speed 3.60 GHz
Bus Speed 800 MHz

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