The Specs

Additional Specifications
Brand Name Siemens
Description 0
Bus Type Network
Maximum Transmission Speed 8 Mbps
Modulation G.lite
Frequency Band Simple plug-and-play installation Support for multiple users Built-in capacity for future growth Compatible with multi-operating system environments Assured interoperability with DSL networks worldwide Supports up to 16 ATM virtual circuits
System Type PC
Product Model 5360
Number of Phone Line (RJ-11) Ports 1
Number of Network (RJ-45) Ports 1
Product Line SpeedStream
Broadband Transmission Speed 8 Mbps
Max Data Speed Up to 8 Mbps ADSL Downstream|Up to 2.30 Mbps SDSL Downstream 8 Mbps
Interface Connection 1 x RJ-11 DSL Network WAN|1 x RJ-45 10Base-T Network LAN
Category Ingram Modems
Required Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000|Microsoft Windows 98|Microsoft Windows ME|Microsoft Windows XP
RJ-45 Station (UTP Cabled) Modular Plug 1
RJ-45 Twisted-Pair (Xbase-T) 1
Class Modem
Features AC Adapter Included|DSL ready
RJ-11 4-pin Modular Plug (Phone/Telco) 1
Quick Glance
Internal/External Desktop
Modem Type DSL Modem

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