The Specs

Additional Specifications
Brand Name Canon
Device Support Camcorder
Product Type AC Adapter
Product Compatibility Canon Digital Camcorders: DC100 DC100 Refurbished DC210 DC210 DVD Refurbished Camcorder DC22 DC22 Refurbished DC220 DC220 DVD Refurbished Camcorder DC230 DC310 DVD Camcorder DC320 DVD Camcorder DC330 DVD Camcorder DC40 DC410 DC420 DC50 DVD Elura 100 Elura 60 Elura 65 Elura 70 Elura 80 Elura 85 Elura 90 FS20 FS200 Flash Memory - Evening Blue FS200 Flash Memory - Misty Silver FS200 Flash Memory - Sunrise Red FS21 Dual Flash Memory FS22 Dual Flash Memory Help HV10 HV40 High Definition My Account Online Security Optura 10 Optura 20 Optura 400 Optura 50 Optura 500 Optura 60 Optura Xi Privacy Statement Recycle Terms & Conditions Return Policy Shipping & Handling Site Map Terms of Sale Terms of Use VIXIA HF S10 Dual Flash Memory VIXIA HF S100 Flash Memory VIXIA HF10 Dual Flash Memory VIXIA HF11 Dual Flash Memory VIXIA HF20 Dual Flash Memory VIXIA HF200 Flash Memory VIXIA HG20 Hard Disk Drive VIXIA HG21 Hard Disk Drive VIXIA HR10 DVD VIXIA HV20 HDV VIXIA HV20 HDV Refurbished VIXIA HV30 HDV ZR100 ZR200 ZR300 ZR400 ZR500 ZR60 ZR600 ZR65 MC ZR70 MC ZR700 ZR80 ZR85 ZR90
Maximum Output Current 2 A
Product Model CA-570
Output Voltage 8.4 V DC
Fixed Output Voltage 8.4 V DC
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