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Blazing-fast Connectivity Powers Direct-to-gamer Video Game Development

CIG chose to work with Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) to equip its US development studios with ultra high-speed Internet.

Fiber Enables Security and Stability for Catskill Hudson Bank's Virtual Branches

Today, the TWCBC solution includes an Ethernet Local Area Network (ELAN) connecting more than a dozen bank branches, with circuits ranging from 10 to 50 Mbps depending on the branch location's needs.

Forrester Technology Assessment Profile for BCDR

In March 2016, Spectrum Enterprise (formerly Time Warner Cable Business Class) and Navisite commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the criticality of infrastructure and network diversity to support an always-on digital business.

High Growth Best Practices

This guide gives you an overview of the steps you need to build a foundation for sustainable growth-the kinds of investments, drivers and differentiators that are involved. It does so through the words and experiences of fellow decision makers who've overcome daunting technology challenges, and in doing so realized their greatest achievements.<br/><br/>Use the guide to get ready for great achievements of your own.

Strong Network Performance Required A Robust BCDR Plan

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plans ensure a company's ability to continue business uninterrupted and survive unforeseen disruptions.

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IDG CSMB Personal Cloud Research Study

IDG CSMB conducted research on the use of Personal Cloud Use. Here is a 360 degree approach to understand the current personal cloud landscape in the U.S.

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SMB 2.0 Decision- Makers' Study

Over half of SMB companies report not having a dedicated IT person/IT department, typically due to small company size. At companies with no IT department, the business owner and management make IT/tech purchase decisions.

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Using On-Site Employee Services to Drive Business Success

No one says it's easy to create and grow a successful business. Hundreds of factors contribute to a company's ultimate success or failure. Among them: having a solid business plan, keeping customers happy and loyal, responding quickly to business opportunities and threats, and-increasingly-leveraging cutting-edge digital technology and services.

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Workplace Services: Bringing in the Best People and Giving Them a Reason to Stay

Companies have long recognized that engaging your employees in the workplace is critical to employee happiness and productivity. In today's ultra-competitive economy, workplace benefits are an investment. Businesses with top-notch benefits foster a more efficient workforce, become a place top hires seek out, and reduce turnover. Read this infographic to learn more.

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Switch to Mac

Moving from Windows to OS X means rewiring your muscle memory and learning to do old things in new ways. All the basic stuff you do dozens of times a day—opening and closing programs and files, managing windows—you do differently on a Mac. Available on iPad starting at $4.99.

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