Don't-Miss Business Mobility Stories

CalenGoo for iPhone

This app, which integrates your Google Calendar with your iPhone or iPod touch, succeeds on many levels, providing the sort of connectedness that makes bouncing back and forth between your online calendar and the app itself seamless and trouble free.

GoodReader for iPhone

The more you use this superb PDF file viewer, the more you'll discover what it's capable of doing. GoodReader's file transfer capabilities are top notch. And it's the reading experience in which the app truly shines.

Dropbox for iPhone

This mobile component to the online syncing and storage service is missing a few features. But overall, it packs enough functionality to be a worthwhile app for Dropbox users.

Kerio Mail Server 6.7

Kerio Mail Serveris an e-mail, calendaring, contact, and to-do server that runs on three versions of the Mac OS.

LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone

If you depend on having reliable remote access capabilities no matter where you are without lugging around a notebook computer, then LogMeIn's app for one-click control over Macs and PCs is a must-have.

More financial news apps for iPhone

Financial news apps from and Yahoo both have some worthwhile features for market watchers. But the standout app is FT Mobile, particularly if you're willing to pay for a premium membership with the financial newspaper's online site.

Mindjet for iPhone

Mindjet has managed to squeeze the power, ease, and versatility of its desktop mindmapping application into an iPhone app. It's an effective tool, though it comes with some limitations.

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 4

Once you set it up, The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 4 will do the job for syncing a variety of types of data from a Windows Mobile 4 smartphone with your Mac.

Print Magic for iPhone

This app, which aims to let you print from your iPhone to a printer on your network, has a lot of promise. Unfortunately, the current version commits too many unpredictable errors to be worth your download.

SyncMate Expert 2.4

Sync your Mac to multiple devices, including Windows Mobile.

WritePad Pro for iPhone

Apart from some quibbles and a few trade-offs, the feature-rich WritePad Pro is a very fine personal organizational tool.

CardPro for iPhone

This organization app lets you keep track of your contacts by snapping a picture of their business cards with the iPhone's built-in camera and entering the name and company. CardPro has the potential to save you time in organizing the business cards you collect, though there are some caveats.

Pastie for iPhone

This app makes it easy to send short messages from your iPhone or iPod touch by storing canned text for later use in e-mails or SMS messages.

NotifyMe for iPhone

This app, which uses the push notifications features of iPhone 3.0 to remind you of to-dos, shines in its simplicity. If the "to-dos as reminders" approach sounds appealing, then NotifyMe's excellent execution of its premise should suit you well.

Documents 2 for iPhone

Business applications for the iPhone and iPod touch are becoming more sophisticated now, spurring competition among developers. Savy Soda's Documents 2 is another suite of applications designed to give users the power. But the all-in-one offering is rather somewhat less than the sum of its parts.