Don't-Miss Business Mobility Stories

NotifyMe for iPhone

This app, which uses the push notifications features of iPhone 3.0 to remind you of to-dos, shines in its simplicity. If the "to-dos as reminders" approach sounds appealing, then NotifyMe's excellent execution of its premise should suit you well.

Documents 2 for iPhone

Business applications for the iPhone and iPod touch are becoming more sophisticated now, spurring competition among developers. Savy Soda's Documents 2 is another suite of applications designed to give users the power. But the all-in-one offering is rather somewhat less than the sum of its parts.

Private Pics for iPhone

If you've got photos on your iPhone or iPod touch that you want to keep out of the public view, both the free and paid versions of Private Pics can meet your needs.

Awesome Note for iPhone

This app goes beyond the iPhone's built-in Notes application to offer more power and features. But Awesome Note offers so many capabilities, it's a little overwhelming to use.

Evernote for iPhone

While there are some limitations to this mobile version of the note-capturing application also available for desktops, it's still a great addition to Evernote's stable of productivity tools.

FileAid for iPhone

This free file manager and reader for the iPhone and iPod touch offers up some nice touches. But technical issues make it a chore to use.

WriteRoom 2 for iPhone

Hog Bay Software's document editing app for the iPhone and iPod touch was already an impressive offering. But Version 2 of WriteRoom has added more key features, including a new search tool and true synching capabilities via

DocScanner for iPhone

This app aims to capture documents just like a flatbed scanner would. The results are fine, but you could pull off the same feat using the iPhone's built-in camera.

Invoice2Go for iPhone

This invoice creation app isn't Mac friendly -- a companion app is Windows only and invoices do not always appear properly formatted when they arrive in Mac users' mailboxes. And that's a shame, because otherwise, Invoice2Go is a powerful, feature-rich app.

iFax for iPhone

When nothing else will do except a hard copy of your signature, this faxing app comes in handy. While it has some limitations, iFax works reliably enough that you may be able to ditch that desktop fax machine.

Citrix Receiver for iPhone

For the Citrix administrator, this app offers a much longer leash, providing access to all of Citrix's administration tools without requiring the administrator to be tied to a desk. But when it comes to day-to-day work, Citrix Receiver is severely limited.

iPhone Configuration Utility 2.0

iPhone Configuration Utility 2.0 is a big step forward to help Apple gain a foothold in corporate environments, but it still has some glaring flaws.

Rise of Lost Empires

Gameloft has managed to strike the right balance between real-time strategy gameplay and lots of action with Rise of Lost Empires. The game does away with some of the more tedious aspects of the genre so that you can focus on the fast-moving though still strategic action.