Don't-Miss Business Mobility Stories

Tacts for iPhone

This app looks to improve upon what you get with the built-in Contacts app, with better support for groups. And while it delivers on that promise, some features in Tacts are lacking.

SoundNote for iPad

This note-taking app, which records audio while letting you type or scribble notes on your iPad, is not without its share of limitations. But it's also an impressive app that should interest students, workers, or anyone else who has to take notes during lectures, meetings, or presentations.

Expenditure for iPhone

This simple little app helps you track and organize your finances with a minimum of fuss. But it's entirely self-contained, which some users may find too limiting.

ReaddleDocs for iPad

This near-perfect document viewer packs a lot of power, thanks to a plentiful set of features.

HelTweetica for iPad

It might lack the polish of other Twitter clients, but this iPad app puts the core features of the microblogging service front and center, while making other new and unique tools quickly accessible.

SketchyPad for iPad

When it comes to designing mock-ups, this iPad app gets the job done, though there are a handful of limitations and frustrations. SketchyPad is a decent app, but other App Store offerings may be better options even if they cost a little more.

Elements text editor for iPhone and iPad

This basic text editor has its share of foibles, but overall, it's a top-notch editing app with true support for Dropbox syncing.

Pocket Informant HD for iPad

This iPad app looks to improve upon built-in calendaring tools by turning your tablet into a personal information manager. Thanks to a wealth of features, Pocket Informant HD succeeds.

MindMeister for iPad

The iPad version of this mind-mapping tool lacks some of the features of the premium Web-based MindMeister offering. But for many users, the portability and power of MindMeister for iPad will be more than enough.

iBrainstorm for iPad

This app turns your iPad into a virtual whiteboard and lets iPhone users with a free companion app wirelessly contribute notes to your brainstorming session. It's a promising idea, but one that ultimately has too many limitations to be the creative collaborative tool iBrainstorm's developer envisions.

Corkulous for iPad

While this brainstorming tool has a few quirks, it provides a great way to map out ideas on your iPad.

OmniFocus for iPad 1.0.2

If you’re already using OmniFocus productively, the new version is well worth $40 to manage your tasks on your iPad.

Office2 for iPhone and iPad

Both the iPhone and iPad versions of this app offer good word processing and spreadsheet capabilities that really shine because of a link to cloud-based storage services. The iPad version of Office2 thrives on that device's larger screen, while the iPhone offering feels a little cramped.