Don't-Miss Business Mobility Stories

Paperless for iPhone

This mobile list manager makes a great replacement for Post-It notes and helps you easily manage repetitive lists. It stands out in a crowded App Store field, thanks to its simplicity.

Bento for iPad 1.0.2

Bento for iPad is a worthy information organizer for your iPad. But to get the most out of it, you’ll need to drop another $50 on its Mac OS counterpart.

FileMaker Go 1.0 for iPhone and iPad

FileMaker Go is a true FileMaker client with support for almost every major feature of its bigger brother, FileMaker Pro.

iNapkin 2 for iPad

This iPad app for sketching out ideas and jotting down notes is certainly functional. But there are some minor user interface issues, and the app really doesn't stand out from similar offerings in the App Store.

Mobile Active Defense for iPhone

This app promises to help guard your iPhone from malicious mail, and its approach is pretty straightforward. Still, our tests were unable to indicate just how much safer your e-mail is with this $17 app and service. Still, a free version lets you try Mobile Active Defense for free to judge for yourself.

Password Caddy for iPhone

Password manager applications are all about security and convenience. This app, while not perfect, handles both aspects well.

TapMeDo Pro for iPhone

This task manager, while a little unpolished in some areas, is easy to use and a worthwhile option if you're looking to get organized.

Popplet for iPad

This clever mind-mapping, brainstorming, and idea-collection app for the iPad has a few notable limitations. But Popplet's attractive interface and ease of use make it hard to resist.

Three SSH terminal apps for iPhone

We take a look at three remote SSH clients that run on your iPhone (and in one case, your iPad). Each has their limitations, but two of the three apps we looked at have noteworthy strengths.

Todo for iPad

The iPad version of this task manager is painfully well thought-out and implemented, and enough of a delight to use that you'll remember to keep checking in to make sure you're genuinely getting your stuff done.

TouchOfColor for iPhone

This app attempts to help you accent colors in your mobile images, and while its results are decent, this may be an image-editing activity that's better suited for another device.

PrintBureau for iPhone and iPad

The hybrid PrintBureau app is actually a bundle of two separate printing apps from EuroSmartz that work on either the iPhone or iPad. Whether you use the bundle or opt for a standalone device-specific version, you'll be pleased with how this printing app performs.

Fast Contacts for iPhone

For users who want more than what the iPhone's Contacts app provides by default, Fast Contacts is a decent contact manager that certainly deserves a look.