Don't-Miss Business Mobility Stories

Air Display for iPad

This app lets you use your iPad as a virtual external monitor for your Mac. It's a charming idea, an excellent iPad parlor trick, and could even prove genuinely useful in a variety of unique use cases. But the app isn't an ideal long-term second monitor solution.

Penultimate for iPad

This note-taker for the iPad makes it easy to scrawl out quick notes or sketches with your finger. But a lack of options makes it hard to consider Penultimate a great note-taking or drawing app.

Internship Seeker for iPhone

This app for finding internships has a pleasant interface that's easy to navigate. The problem is with the listings themselves, which may not match your career aspirations or location.

BugMe for iPhone and iPad

Whether on the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, this app gives you plenty of creative ways to take notes and remind yourself of what you've written.

Things for iPad

Like its Mac counterpart, this iPad version of the to-do manager presents a stunning interface that could entice even the most disorganized user to get their affairs in order.

Hire Me for iPhone

Hire Me is an earnest attempt to help you land a job. Sadly, in spite of its good intentions, the app just isn't that genuinely useful.

Instapaper Pro for iPhone and iPad

This app for saving online articles for later reading has been one of our favorites since it debuted on the iPhone two years ago. And now that it has an iPad-optimized interface, it's even more of a must-have download.

Today Todo Pro for iPhone

This good-looking task manager may take some adjustment if you're accustomed to more traditional planning. But if something fresh will help keep you on track, this app may be worth a try.

GoodReader for iPad

Good.iWare has hit a home run with this iPad version of the file importer and viewer. The app works as easily and smoothly as the iPhone version, and it has a few extra tricks up its sleeve for good measure.

Memeo Connect Reader 1.0 for iPad

Memo Connect Reader is a visually-pleasing way to read your Google Docs on your iPad.

Three iPhone and iPad printing apps

It may not be easy to print from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, but it can be done -- provided you seek out the help of a third-party app. Jeff Merron looks at a trio of apps to see which one you should turn to for your mobile printing needs.

Keynote 1.0 for iPad

Keynote for iPad is a good value as a standalone tool. But as a complement to the desktop version, Keynote for iPad is disappointing.

Numbers 1.0 for iPad

Taken for what it is (an incredibly feature-rich spreadsheet program running with a full touch interface on a 1.5 pound portable computing device) Numbers is a good start, and should meet the needs of most anyone looking to use their iPad to create and work with spreadsheets.