Don't-Miss Business Software Stories

Microsoft Word for Mac 2011

Update to Microsoft’s flagship word processing application levels the playing field for Macs in business.

Chronicle 3.4

Chronicle aims to help you track, manage, and pay your bills, and to make your bill information available to you no matter which computer you’re using.

MacSpeech Scribe 1.1

Transcription tool makes moving your spoken word to the printed page a snap.

Set Primary Addresses 1.0.2

Quickly change the primary designations in Address Book.

Office2 for iPhone and iPad

Both the iPhone and iPad versions of this app offer good word processing and spreadsheet capabilities that really shine because of a link to cloud-based storage services. The iPad version of Office2 thrives on that device's larger screen, while the iPhone offering feels a little cramped.

Eon 1.2.1

The app will dim your Mac to show only calendar and task items, and also provides several “skin” widgets that make the calendar look a bit more appealing.

Bento for iPad 1.0.2

Bento for iPad is a worthy information organizer for your iPad. But to get the most out of it, you’ll need to drop another $50 on its Mac OS counterpart.

FileMaker Go 1.0 for iPhone and iPad

FileMaker Go is a true FileMaker client with support for almost every major feature of its bigger brother, FileMaker Pro.

Cashculator 1.2.2

Cashculator is a clever personal finance application that works a little differently than most of the other personal finance apps you may have used.

Vitamin-R 1.18

Get-things-done application helps you pare down your big jobs into small, accomplishable tasks.

Compartments 1.2

Organize your home inventory.

PreMinder 1.0.2

PreMinder is a calendar program that offers more customization features than iCal.

Inspiration 9

Visual thinkers, particularly from age 10 through 18, will want Inspiration in their academic toolbox.