Don't-Miss Business Software Stories

Cashculator 1.2.2

Cashculator is a clever personal finance application that works a little differently than most of the other personal finance apps you may have used.

Vitamin-R 1.18

Get-things-done application helps you pare down your big jobs into small, accomplishable tasks.

Compartments 1.2

Organize your home inventory.

PreMinder 1.0.2

PreMinder is a calendar program that offers more customization features than iCal.

Inspiration 9

Visual thinkers, particularly from age 10 through 18, will want Inspiration in their academic toolbox.

CallitADay 2.2

Make a robust daily journal.

Home Inventory 2.1

Home Inventory offers a place to list your possessions.

AddressBookSync 1.4

AddressBookSync uses a clean interface and simple procedures to help coordinate the people in your Mac OS X Address Book with your Facebook friends.

Wyse PocketCloud for iPhone and iPad

What we said about this app when it was an iPhone- and iPod touch-only offering is still true now that it's optimized to run on the iPad: PocketCloud significantly ups the game for remote computer access.

FastTrack Schedule 10

AEC Software’s FastTrack Schedule 10 has a newly designed interface, powerful enterprise-level features, and handy extras that make it an outstanding project management aid.

Internship Seeker for iPhone

This app for finding internships has a pleasant interface that's easy to navigate. The problem is with the listings themselves, which may not match your career aspirations or location.

Hire Me for iPhone

Hire Me is an earnest attempt to help you land a job. Sadly, in spite of its good intentions, the app just isn't that genuinely useful.

Memeo Connect Reader 1.0 for iPad

Memo Connect Reader is a visually-pleasing way to read your Google Docs on your iPad.

Keynote 1.0 for iPad

Keynote for iPad is a good value as a standalone tool. But as a complement to the desktop version, Keynote for iPad is disappointing.

Numbers 1.0 for iPad

Taken for what it is (an incredibly feature-rich spreadsheet program running with a full touch interface on a 1.5 pound portable computing device) Numbers is a good start, and should meet the needs of most anyone looking to use their iPad to create and work with spreadsheets.