Don't-Miss Business Software Stories

Agendas for iPad

This app for creating interactive meeting agendas shows some promise, but it needs better formatting tools and features that make published agendas available to a broader range of meeting attendees.

App Guide: Job-searching apps

Hard at work this Labor Day? Maybe you could benefit from a new career. These iOS apps aim to help you land that new job.

GrowlVoice 1.6.1 brings notifications to Google Voice

GrowlVoice marries the power of Google Voice with the low profile of the Growl notification system framework, notifying you whenever you miss a text, miss a call, or get a voicemail.

Tree offers a unique approach to outlining

Tree offers a unique approach to outlining by offering both vertical and horizontal organization.

Review: DevonThink Pro Office 2.2.1 helps manage your data

DevonThink is a fine file management app that offers easy to use, paperless databases for power users or businesses. While it make take some time to learn how to unleash DevonThink’s powerful potential, the time can be worth it for users interested in truly taking the paperless plunge in their offices.

Todo for Mac manages and syncs your tasks

If your task-management needs are somewhere in between complex project management and simple lists, Todo is a fine Mac program that syncs with standout iOS apps.

CleanHaven Pro makes it easy to clean up messy text

There are a number of other programs that offer more options for cleaning up messy text, but CleanHaven Pro is as easy to use as they come.

Minutes 1.0.2

Minutes is a timer application. Each timer is its own window, with the time remaining for the timer and the time it will go off.

Diagrammix 1.2.3

Don't want to shell out for a high-powered vector graphics suite, or spend hours of fiddling with lines and bubbles? Diagrammix makes it incredibly easy to build great-looking charts in minutes.

Minco 1.3

Minco is a simple utility that integrates closely with iCal and other applications to help you track your time.

iCal 5 gets a Lion makeover

iCal, Apple’s built-in calendar application, sees some big changes in Lion. Many of the visual tweaks are borrowed from the Calendar iOS app on the iPad, with a focus on giving you making appointments easier to view, and in some cases giving you more room in which to view them. As a whole, iCal 5 is a worthy evolutionary step.

Time Tracker 1.3.13

Time Tracker, a utility developed by Aaron VonderHaar, offers a highly customizable yet easy to use solution for anyone looking to track their time spent on the computer.

Per Se 1.0

Per Se does its best to approximate on the Mac the old school pulp and ink journaling experience, while adding in some very cool features that could only exist in a digital notebook.