Don't-Miss Business Software Stories

Time Sink 1.2

Many Tricks' Time Sink isn't the only app that can keep track of what you do on your Mac, but it's certainly one of the easiest to use. If you need to keep track of billable hours, or just want to optimize your productivity, Time Sink can help contribute to a fine-grained time-tracking system.

Acclivity AccountEdge 2011

AccountEdge was once an outlier in the Mac accounting world, an alternative to QuickBooks Pro. Now it has slowly and steadily become the quiet, efficient, thoughtfully updated standard for managing your business’ books.

Fantastical 1.0

Fantastical is a nifty utility that handles most of the things you use your "big" calendar program to do, and its keyboard control and natural-language event-creation feature make it much easier and more convenient to quickly create new events.

App Guide: Business news apps

Looking to keep tabs on the latest data coming out of the world of finance? These apps go beyond the limited data you'll find in the built-in iOS Stocks app.

Bento 4

The latest version of Filemaker's consumer-level database, Bento 4, rescues Bento from being a kind of cute but impractical boutique application. It now offers over 250 label templates and new ways to export templates that contain data.

Flow 2.0.2

A project management system targeted to creative pros gets an upgrade.

MyThoughts 1.2.1

MyThoughts 1.2.1 is a mind-mapping application that helps you to create visually appealing mind maps that can include images, Web links, or links to audio, video or other types of files stored on your Mac.

MsgFiler 3.0.1

MsgFiler is the fastest way to move, copy, and label messages in Mail. It also offers useful features for navigating and managing mailboxes.

App Guide: Mobile tax apps

Finished your taxes yet? These apps for the iPhone and iPad can help make sure that everything's in order before the April 18 filing deadline rolls around.

TextWrangler 3.5.3

TextWrangler is an excellent text editor for anyone who needs to work with large amounts of text, text in large numbers of files, or both. It makes manipulating text a breeze, and its price just can’t be beat.

Save2PDF for iPhone and iPad

This PDF creation app fills a unique need on the iOS platform and does the job quite well.

TimeTable 2.0.2

TimeTable extracts your billable hours from iCal events and calculates your fees for invoicing.

Intuit TurboTax and H&R Block At Home

Both H&R Block At Home and TurboTax will prepare a tax return even for the most complex situation, and provide instruction along the way to help you get the lowest tax bill. But TurboTax is easier to use, which means you’ll get your taxes done faster.