Don't-Miss Business Stories

Garmin Premium Nuvi 3790T

Top-of-line dedicated GPS device is packed with features, including a high-resolution screen, but it lacks lifetime map updates.

You Need a Budget for iPhone

This companion app to the well-regarded desktop personal finance offering doesn't offer a lot of features, given its steep price tag.

You Need a Budget for Mac

This complete package teaches you financial discipline through its unique system offering robust features and plenty of customization.

Dell 1250c

This color LED printer's low purchase price is tempting, but its extremely high toner costs are off-putting.

Noterize for iPad

On their own, the many functions in this app leave something to be desired. But add them together -- particularly when it comes to annotating PDFs -- and this iPad notation app delivers.

HTC G2: A Flawed Beauty

T-Mobile's new Android phone is a large leap forward from its predecessor, the landmark G1 (or 'Google Phone'), but it still underwhelms in a few key areas.

Lexmark Impact S305

It’s nice that such an inexpensive MFP includes Wi-Fi, but only low-volume users could tolerate the expensive inks.

BlackBerry Torch 9800

RIM has stepped up its smartphone game by introducing the BlackBerry Torch 9800.

HTC Surround: Solid Windows Phone, Laughable "Boombox"

The Surround puts a small pullout speaker console where the pull-out keyboard is supposed to be, with shrill results.

Osprey Flare

If you’re looking for a light, featured-rich pack that you can take to work and then unload and take to the woods, the Osprey Flare is a great option.

Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display

Apple’s 27-inch LED Cinema Display makes a great companion to any Mac that uses a Mini DisplayPort connection, but is especially well suited to Mac portable users who can take advantage of the provided Mag Safe power connector and the display’s USB ports to attach keyboards and other peripherals.


Online meeting service offers basic tools, but also a clunky interface and a few bugs.

Money 4.0 for iPhone

This finance app provides a nearly endless array of options for tracking and organizing your finances. But unlike a number of free competitors, all the work is left to the user.