Don't-Miss Business Stories

iBrainstorm for iPad

This app turns your iPad into a virtual whiteboard and lets iPhone users with a free companion app wirelessly contribute notes to your brainstorming session. It's a promising idea, but one that ultimately has too many limitations to be the creative collaborative tool iBrainstorm's developer envisions.


While Livecage offers a range of online broadcasting and conferencing tools, the service lacks cohesion and polish. If you’re looking to sell videos, you might persevere though the slap-dash interface. But for media sharing and online conferencing, most users will want to look elsewhere.

Cisco WebEx

Need to have a meeting? Don't want to fly everyone to the same place? WebEx offers just about every online conferencing tool you could want.

Blogo 1.3

Blogo 1.3 is a versatile blog editing application that goes the extra mile by offering features you won’t find in similar applications.

Corkulous for iPad

While this brainstorming tool has a few quirks, it provides a great way to map out ideas on your iPad.

Fuze Box Fuze Meeting

An online conferencing service that specializes in delivering high-resolution files quickly.

Citrix GoToMeeting

Online conferencing service fine for simple meetings, but lacks some more advanced features.

OmniFocus for iPad 1.0.2

If you’re already using OmniFocus productively, the new version is well worth $40 to manage your tasks on your iPad.

Set Primary Addresses 1.0.2

Quickly change the primary designations in Address Book.

Office2 for iPhone and iPad

Both the iPhone and iPad versions of this app offer good word processing and spreadsheet capabilities that really shine because of a link to cloud-based storage services. The iPad version of Office2 thrives on that device's larger screen, while the iPhone offering feels a little cramped.

PopChar X 5.0

Numerous improvements and fixes grace the new version of PopChar. Here's our review.

MacKeeper 0.9.6

For anyone who needs to use system maintenance tools and needs tech support on a regular basis, MacKeeper offers a compelling set of tools at a very reasonable price.

atMonitor 2.1.4

atMonitor is an excellent replacement for OS X’s Apple-supplied Activity Monitor offering detailed application and process information for both the curious and IT techs alike.