Don't-Miss Business Stories

Easy Agenda for iPad

Usually, simplicity is a good thing in an iPhone or iPad app. But this personal scheduling app for the iPad takes the concept too far with limited features that will only appeal to users with the most basic needs.

Clearwire iSpot

This tiny, battery-powered cellular router is a great way to connect iOS devices to Clearwire's 4G network, but it doesn't work with Macs or anywhere that Clearwire doesn't yet cover.

Ecto 3.0.2

Ecto 3.0.2 is an great blog editing application and one that in many ways is more convenient than the Web-interface for your blog.

Paperless for iPhone

This mobile list manager makes a great replacement for Post-It notes and helps you easily manage repetitive lists. It stands out in a crowded App Store field, thanks to its simplicity.


Tumblr is easy to use and customize, feature-rich, and offers a lot of latitude for posts and pictures.

Bento for iPad 1.0.2

Bento for iPad is a worthy information organizer for your iPad. But to get the most out of it, you’ll need to drop another $50 on its Mac OS counterpart.

Mail 4.3

Mail 4.3 offers no earth-shattering upgrades, just the same dependable, well-crafted, easy-to-use experience it always has.

Smart printers for students

Back to School: The best budget multifunction printers

FileMaker Go 1.0 for iPhone and iPad

FileMaker Go is a true FileMaker client with support for almost every major feature of its bigger brother, FileMaker Pro.

Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server (Mid 2010)

For a small utility server or as the only server for a SOHO business, the Mac mini With Snow Leopard Server is hard to beat.

iNapkin 2 for iPad

This iPad app for sketching out ideas and jotting down notes is certainly functional. But there are some minor user interface issues, and the app really doesn't stand out from similar offerings in the App Store.


As a blogging tool, TypePad might appeal to almost anybody. But it likely has the most to offer users who take blogging seriously as a venue for personal publishing, as a means to promote businesses, or even as a way to make money.

Synology DiskStation DS710+

The DiskStation DS701+ is an network-attached storage device that's full of features and easy to use.